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8 Businesses That You Can Start With KSH10,000

8 Businesses That You Can Start With KSH10,000
  1. Makeup business

Start small; start with what you have. And it’s even better now because we’ve got digital social media where you can you know, post your pictures and begin to create a market, an audience begin to put your skill or your act out there, talk to people whose makeup you can do for a small fee, 1000 shillings 2000 shillings take pictures, post them on Instagram on Facebook, and also tell those people to recommend you.

So the makeup business is amazing. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a Nairobi, Kisumu, Eldoret, or Mombasa. Where come from just that is one of the businesses that you can start with very little. And I’ve now seen that people actually putting up a little store where somebody can come in, you know, they have an event in the evening they have a wedding they have you know, so many things, they come by your makeup studio, get their makeup done pay you and they go so you don’t have to take up the cost of going to where they are and etc. But makeup business is something that has really good potential, but it really depends on how you take good pictures.

Of course, use youtube videos to train yourself even further youtube videos are free just before the bundles. So that’s an amazing business to start with. Of course, if you’re interested in makeup, another one which I seriously thought about at some point, maybe a solo I don’t know is scented candles and this is a business that is really growing it’s really easy as well to just grow your own brand. You know get some containers I know the glass packaging once and this very many people on Instagram and on Facebook now who are selling you know glass jars cosmetic packaging Kenya is one of them. And there are many others who sell just so you just need to go to the industrial area, find a supply of candles, go to some youtube tutorials on how to make candles, find out where to get the sense from you know all the things that week, etc.


  1. Aliexpress

It’s fascinating. It’s a secret. Many people don’t talk about it. I know businesses that have grown really big, but they started off importing on an express. So, get the app, and let it just inspire you. Because you might find other things, as well as clothes, home appliances, accessories, decor pieces that you might just like, and you, can start your business with, you know, even with importing that.

  1. Skincare industry.

And here I’d like to think to talk about, especially you know, looking at products for the mass market, either lotions or hair shampoo, conditioners, hand washes, let me tell you something, this is a business that you can start with almost anything, even 5000 shillings. So you don’t need to have a factory yourself. There are so many factories now that are actually offering to manufacture so, so they become your contract manager.

And what you do, and there’s many including donee industries, in the industrial area who I know, don’t industries, you can go to dawn industries, of course, don’t work with the minimum quantities, but they’ll help you with the formulation, we can tell you where to get your packaging, they will tell you, you know, just even take you through how this business is done. And wallah, you have a business. So of course, in the skincare industry, the higher capital you have, the better it is. But what’s wrong with starting small.

Skincare is almost recession-proof. It doesn’t matter if you’re broke if you are rich. It’s like food you eat, you will shower, and you will put on some oil, and it doesn’t have to be the most expensive of oils. So skincare is something that I’d like to encourage you to think about.


  1. Food

You know, it’s very what you make out of two kilograms of rice and maybe a packet of beans. Some means meat and some vegetables and you make that at your house find some people to sell to even within the place that you live, you know their bachelor’s who don’t like to cook there are people who you know have to walk long distances to find some way to eat depending on where they’re working. To begin to think about those places and if you cook well, thankfully you cook well so people can eat some good food at a good price that is another business that you can start off getting the packaging it’s a very simple industrial area. Get a good brand name you put it out on Instagram and all these places and get people to find out about yours although very particulars I wanted to build up.

  1. Fancy T-shirts & Hoodies

Another is brand you know like fancy t-shirts front fancy hoodies, there are so many printing companies. There are so many people who are supplying you know t-shirts and hoodies that you can print out and it could be anything that that that you want, you could get fancy quotes, you could get, you know, just things that you enjoy, or you know, things that you could find funny.

These are things that you can start with a really small amount of capital. Just find a way a good target audience that would understand the things that you want to do on your t-shirt.

  1. Baking good things, you know.

So what, for instance, in my home after this coffee thing, it’s been very hard for me to buy bread. Because sometimes you don’t find it fresh, it gets moldy by day too.

So we now only make our pastries at home, whether it is cake, or mandazi, or chapati, or pancakes,

All that will make it home. So just think about what can you bake, you know, you could go grand into cakes. But you know, starting small is always such a great idea. It could be muffins, and they don’t have to be super fancy party types. It’s just something that you can supply within your neighborhood, it could be even bread so that they don’t have to go and buy bread somewhere else. So let’s say you live in an apartment block that has 20 to 30 people just tell them I bake bread, I can be supplying you every morning. And, you know, that’s a great and easy way to you know, to get into the bakery business. Just make sure you get your bookkeeping, right.

  1. Bookkeeping

Those of you who are accountants or are familiar with bookkeeping, you can offer it at a service for a small fee, whether it is 5000 or 10,000 shillings per month, find small businesses and enquire if you can help them with bookkeeping.

Just have to talk to them once a week, get their accounting figures, get to do to help them with their accounting. And when those companies grow, they’ll consider working with you on a long-term basis. So think about that small business space. Talk to them in advance. Don’t overcharge them, because more businesses will always look for what can I do without what can I learn to do on my own. So if you are in the bookkeeping space, you’ve done some CPAs you’ve started, work, or even not in better if you haven’t, because you can charge even less. So imagine if you get three or four businesses and you ask for 5000 or 6000 shillings per month, you really have your 60,000 – 72,000 shillings/year. So, you know think about that space because it is something that you can really do well.