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Boychild Under Pressure to Perform In Bed

Boychild Under Pressure to Perform In Bed
Boychild is under siege by girlchild to perform in bed. This is the new norm where men are enhancing themselves with the so called ‘’vitamins’’ which has led to the death of so many young men. Men in general are consuming the blue pill inorder to impress the girlchild.
Boychild realizes that he is running low on battery,and he has to supplerment it with a power bank all in the name to please the girlchild.Men tend to forget that this will be the cause of their own death.Taking the supplements pills is digging your own grave.
In many cases,after the match has been set and the two parties are waiting for the whistle,girlchild retreats and changes the plan or fails to show up.The pills increases a man’s blood flow and performance by 200% which if no release happens ,man is gone to be down.
Men between the age of 22 to 27 are the ones dying and they forgewt that they are physically fit and can perform any task without supplementing.Men should stop putting pressure on themselves because you might end up dead trying to prove your sexual prowess.
Sex should not be associated with the amount of money a man has.Men who have or have no money should both perform according to their sexual power in bed.Both should atleast perform for 4-11 minutes,its enough.