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I Am Ashamed Of My Body After Giving Birth ` Lady Risper Emotional Talk.

I Am Ashamed Of My Body After Giving Birth ` Lady Risper Emotional Talk.

Popular tv girl Risper faith wife to Brian and a mother of one has disclosed that she no longer feel beautiful years after she gave birth to her baby boy.She spoke about struggles she go through as a wife and a mother.The mother of one says that the decision she makes must be good for both her child and husband.She only hope that her husband will support her with what she need to do to loose wait.
The beautiful lass said that she was used to being beautiul and a tiny body and waistline before giving birth.She said that her body and everything else in her life changed after birth and she seems not to accept and adjust to her new body.Brian`s wife has tried everything including dieting and going to the gym but it is not working.
After giving birth risper weighed 100 kgs but that is not the case 22 months later,she weighs 116kgs.She is surprised of how her body is growing and she is even scared of going out of her house because she feels that she is not beautiful anymore.The mother of one says she is scared of making love to her husband because of the shape of her body.Risper says that Brian can not complain about it but it is what it is.

She narrates of the struggles she goes through despite her looking all good with her make up. When she have to go out she puts on a lot of waist trainers, body shaper and a panty to hold her stomach.When she is out to a restaurant it is more hectic because she has to eat while her stomach is tied and it is so uncomfortable and all she thinks of is going back home and get the bodyshapers out.
Lady risper says that you just see her post photos smiling but she is really unhappy.Mother of one says that she feels that her body and her low esteem is starting to affect her marriage.Her husband and son are her cheerleaders but she feels that it`s not enough.She complained of her stomach ,arms and thighs having cellulites.
She has now decided to go for a body surgery and fat suction.Risper says that she don’t like what she sees in the mirror.She feels so desperate and she can not diet or go to the gym because it will take too long.Risper cries that when you become a mother and wife you forget yourself and you don’t notice when you become big.She is afraid that she is slipping into depression and its time to do something about it.Risper called on all mothers who feels the same and urged them to not give up and take care of their bodies.Good luck girl with the transformation.