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How To Save Money

How To Save Money
1.Identify a financial institution that offers interest rate, visit any bank or Sacco that has the rates that interest you.
2.Practise saving your money, it is a journey that needs patience; you do not start saving today and expect your account to blow up or wake up a billionare,it will take time if you tax yourself on any cash you get.
3.Identify who has your money ;if you are a business person know who your target is, know who you customers are, identify who brings in cash flow in to your business to avoid complaining that there is scarcity of money.
4.Money is not the solution but it is a tool that offers solution.
5.Limit your spending; if you don’t need certain things for day to day living you don’t have to spend money on it in the first place, focus on your basic needs in order to avoid buying unnecessary things.

6.Control your personality: this means if you love partying and travelling to different destinations you need to forgo all that in order to save more.
7.Do not carry all your eggs in one basket,i.e have varieties of bank account where you divide your savings from your day to day spending
8.Practise saving in order to reduce risks; if you have saved up for yourself in case of emergency you will not have to go in debt with anyone but rather use what you have.
9.Friendship affects your savings; if you are with friends that are ever expecting you to pay for their bills they will drag you down.