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How To Avoid Stress, Depression And Anxiety

Western medicine has questioned the medical benefits of meditation.
How To Avoid Stress, Depression And Anxiety.
1. Taking action; you need to move and vibrate again,you need to block whatever it is that is slowing you down and making you feel bad.
2. Get out of the victim mentalityt;Stop looking for scapegoats,stop blaming people whenever you get bad results.
3. Inforcing fear in yourself;the more you inforce fear in to your life you lose control, you are in control take charge the more
4. Habits and mindset; this two play a huge role in life,the purpose of thinking is so that your thoughts dies instead of you. You are allowed to meditate and think through things but afterwards come out strong.

5. Help someone else see their own confidence; learn to compliment people on either their hair or outfits, lift people up by help them succeed in life and that’s the most thing that will raise you up when you are down.
6. Recognise that you are not targeted; a lot of people go through the same things you going through so be that person that makes people feel they are not alone.