Home Entertainment Harmonize Introduces His Daughter to The World “Kondegirl”

Harmonize Introduces His Daughter to The World “Kondegirl”

Harmonize Introduces His Daughter to The World “Kondegirl”

Konde gang boss Rajabu Abdul has brought to light his one year and seven months old daughter. He posted her pictures of different occasion and even after she was born. Harmonize narrated the reasons why he kept her from everyone including his Caucasian wife Sarah Michelotti.He regret doing so and for years he has not been at peace for hiding his daughter.
The bongo flava star wished that he had been there for his child and he is remorseful for not being the best dad. On a long post on his Instagram, he wrote….
“The truth sets any man free….!!!!! It does not matter how much….!!!or how long, but I believe by saying what I have to say my heart shall be set free and at peace. Will be a gentleman before God and you who is reading this.Moreso to my first love zuu my daughter.

Let me begin by saying that am so sorry my princess for not ever been proud of you for a year and seven months.Forgive me for not being around and finding time to see you whenever you fell sick,I worried about not breaking the relationship I was in of which I respect so much.. I have been through a lot and I really don’t love messing up with women or having multiple is not a good reputation.This issue has plagued me for a very long time,that I decided to leave it to God…Because his time is the best and the time is now…forgive me for not holding you close to my chest as your dad..forgive me formaking you feel as if you were a mistake coming to this world and forb making you feel as if you are not special.Forgive me for not sharing my God given success with you,live in secret and not enjoy my graces.The support I gave your mum during your nine months in the womb till your birth cant not bring happiness without me being physically and emotionally there for you.
Where will I hide my face the day you begin to discover yourself and realize that your dad is not proud of you because he is not in a relationship with your mum but with another woman and he is scared of breaking the relationship ….?????
1. No human is perfect
2. The bed is not illegal
3. She who loves me sincerely will accept the reality, I will not be able to witness my blood suffer just to keep a relationship.YOU ARE MY WORLD…I promise to give you all my heart, you are not a mistake.I LOVE YOU MY FIRST LOVE PRINCESS.I have learnt so much through you and am ready to learn more.I HAVE SPOKEN IN PRIVATE AND I SPEAK AGAIN IN PUBLIC I’M SORRY TO YOU MY WIFE( SARAH ) I believe you b will receive it humanly.”Amen
4. The above was the letter that Tembo wrote to his daughter @official –Zulekha Kondegirl