Home Entertainment Eric Omondi Sets The Record Straight About Shakilla.

Eric Omondi Sets The Record Straight About Shakilla.

Eric Omondi Sets The Record Straight About Shakilla.
King of comedy recently on Radio Maisha set the record straight on his title the” president of comedy.”
He claimed that he is the most followed personality in Kenya and that has contributed to his success.He clarified that he is not self proclaimed,he has won not one but three awards on Africa Entertainment Awards,people have voted him all that time and he says that numbers do not lie.
Eric also thanked his fans because they are his support and that has also contributed to his endorsements.Eric spoke about his show “wife material” and he said that he has lost a lot of deals due to what was happening in the show.Some companies called him and claimed that their brand deals with families products and that might ruin them.

The president of comedy set things straight about the characters in his show who fell for him despite them knowing that it was acting and the show was scripted.He also confessed on liking some but that does not stop reggae.He mentioned shakilla as the best friend ,he also stated that she slid to his dm on instagram and she started vibing him and thirsting over him.
“Shakilla is a straight forward person,the first time we met she asked me to show her my private parts,she ask for what she wants and she is not shy.”
Eric touched on his friendship with diamond,he said that they met at an event at Mombasa and exchanged contacts.Afterwards, he mimicked on of diamond’s song nabeba mawe and that was his wife by then Zari Hassan fell inlove with his comedy.He was later invited at a white party in Tanzania sand that is when he ventured in that country and people loved him.Eric has also mentioned that he has something new coming sosholiate and people should just love him and watch the space.