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Diana Marua Bahati`S Wife Discloses She Was A Side Chic to A Married Man.


Diana Marua Bahati`S Wife Discloses She Was A Side Chic to A Married Man.
Bahati`s wife Diana marua has once again opened up in public about her past life.The mother of two almost broke down recalling her first two years in marriage with singer Bahati.She acknowledged that she had put so much pressure on her husband to provide for her family .She regrets wanting Bahati to wear the shoes that so many guys used to fit in.She wanted Bahati to take care of her father and her sister who had twin babies.
Diana was the breadwinner in her family even before marrying Bahati.

She said that all she wanted was a good life and she did everything to get it. Mother of two and one adopted boy said that she dated men for money. At times she would stock her fridge to an extent of forcing the door to Close. She had a number of guys who would cater for everything in her life. she stated that she had a guy who was to provide her with cars whenever she would meet up with Bahati. One-time Bahati asked her where she would get new car everytime they linked up but she brushed it over with a lie.
Diana had guys who were allocated with whatever she wanted in life,be it shopping for her clothes,paying her apartment, hair and
roadtrips.She recalled taking the married guy for his projects and that was when she decided to change.

The married guy wanted one child from her and he promised to buy a house and a car for her.
Her friends would advise her to settle with him despite having a wife. The young mother said that she could not sleep at night because of the guilt.After being featured in one of her husband`s song as the
bride she decided to settle and admired to be a wife to someone who had not been married. Diana said that she was not working but she never lacked anything because the guys she dated would come through for her. One thing she said was she never accounted for the money she ever got.

She never saved anything, she called out on girls who get money from men and told them that the money vanishes without seeing any fruitful thing in their life. The happily married Diana said she is blessed where she is after Bahati surprised her with a brand new car Mercedes.